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MUNA ensemble

MUNA Ensemble at Baluarte auditorium atPamplona

MUNA ensemble


  • Trikuharri (Urtzi Iraizoz)
    1. I. Errekarteko lamiak    
    2. II. Galtxagorriak    
    3. III. Harkaitzen ele zaharrak
  • Promenades (Bohuslav Martinu)
    • 4 movimientos
  • Sirynx (Martin Zalba)
  • Gorritik Beltzera (Koldo Pastor)
  • Trio Per flauto, violino e Pianoforte
    (Nino Rota)
    • 3 movimientos

The project aims to fuse classical music with moving images, giving each piece a visual content, depending on the context in which it was written, it’s formal features etc, so that music and image create an audiovisual whole.

muna at nokodek festival
Performing at Nokodek festival

Within the repertoire to interpret can find works by composers who, despite belonging to the same period (XX century), use diferent languages, from a more traditional to more contemporary and innovative.

After doing a little research about each piece, talking to the composer when posible or searching on books and internet when not, the visual part was conceived to not only illustrate the music theme but to complete, add meaning and enrich the perspective on it. It is also thought to act as a fourth instrument and be played together with the musicians.


muna maian
At Joaquín Maya music school

Maider Irazabal (flute), Leire Fernandez (violin) and Izaskun Yaben (piano) joins in the year 2008 with the intention to interpret and spread the music written on XX century for this trio formation. They meet while estudying music at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona, where they obtained the Bachelor of Music. Each of them extends his musical career in various cities in Europe as Bordeaux, London or Barcelona, being part of various orchestras, ensembles and chamber groups as Southbank Sinfonia, Ensemble Orchestral de Bordeaux, Orquesta Ciudad de Almería, Et Incarnatus Orchestra, Orchestra National Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Proxima Centauri Ensemble, Il Maestri Orchestra, Arkus Quartet among others. Once back to their hometown, they decided to create a trio and share their experiences and knowledge of music.

In 2010 Martin “txo!?” Etxauri (video jockey) joined the project and it is renamed as MUNA Ensemble. Bachelor of Fine Arts coursed at the University of the Basque Country and UIAH in Helsinki, is also a graphic designer and illustrator. Started in the world of audiovisual live when he joined, back in 2002, the Dropezframes vj colective, that was the first manifestation of VJ culture in Pamplona-Iruñea, their hometown. In his work as a video jockey and visual artist he has made from video installations in collective exhibitions or action/remixes on other artists exhibitions to thematic sessions. After working with musicians of many different styles (rock, hardcore or hip hop bands and DJs who play techno, minimal, drum’n bass, reggae and more) and start doing little audiovisual sets by its own, joins Muna Ensemble to put the live video hand in hand with the classical music.

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muna_eskuak muna taldea muna taldea 2 click for zoom
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Dossier with the project text, biography and an image and comment on each piece.
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email: muna@elurmaluta.net