Interactive instalations

Dance! until the temple falls down.

Instalation presented at“La Habitación 1: T.A.Z. (Zona Temporalmente Autónoma)”. Huarte's Contemporary Art Centre. February, 2017.

According to the Chibcha tribes of the Colombian savannah, when the god Chibchacum felt anger, he kicked the ground, shaking Earth and creating earthquakes. We will not be able to create an earthquake, we will not be able to throw the temple down ... but having kids and mature people dancing and jumping with all their strength in an environment considered many times as a temple, is a victory.


The spectator walks, dances, moves on a floor where two electric piezos are attached. The electrical piezos are connected to two Raspberry Pi computers using an MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter chip. On each computer a Processing patch interprets the impulses and causes the white stripes projected on the walls to rotate and expand. In addition, the Processing sketch acts as a "mapper" of the image to adjust the lines to the vertical, whatever the position of the projectors.