Generative Graphics

Dynamic logo for Elurmaluta

A project like Elurmaluta in which one of the important axes is the use and experimentation of technology and new media, could not have an ordinary logo.

After a first phase alike the design of any logo, in terms of documentation, conceptualization and outline of the characteristics that it should have, a skecth of Processing was prepared, that every time it runs creates a unique and unrepeatable imagotipo.

The most obvious example of its application is the web (for which the processing was migrated to P5), where each time the window is reloaded, or when going from one section to another, one of these sui generis snowflakes (elurmaluta) is created in real time.

To use the logo in animated mode for videos or in static wat for stationery, etc the skecth is used to generate a new one each time.

In the following video you can see a series of generations where also sound is created from the same parameters as the image.