Live AV

Ignis Fatuus

Ignis Fatuus is a system to liquefy the body to flames. It is a transmuting mechanism to which I give parts of my being and turns them into ignis fatuus (will-o'-the-wisp), beings that populate the space between the spectator and me, ephemeral existences in the here and now of the factual ritual that is this work.

Ignis Fatuus is an audiovisual live project that explores the limits of the real time, proposing the development of a live show without using any pre-recorded material. It proposes a pure and radical live work, where the -sampled and manipulated- images and sounds are recorded at that precise moment, thousandths before they are projected, and where the spectator witnesses the whole process. An audiovisual show that we could classify within the so-called Live Cinema, a genre that is an evolution of video jockey work and encompasses a wide range of works, always under the umbrella of live audiovisual.