Generative Graphics

Box design for Beruta

The design of the boxes for Beruta is created with the technique of "generative graphics":
Instead of making a certain design with a graphic design program such as Illustrator or Freehand, what is done is to use the programming, in this case with Processing, to establish some fixed parameters, some random parameters and standards or conditions to which the design should be adjusted. When launching the program, the randomness expressed within the established parameters will create the different designs, each being unique and unrepeatable.

In this case, for example, it was programmed to create X number of stripes and circles leaving right and left. The logo of the fish and the wave should be included in the first circle that was created with a minimum size so that it was not too small. The circles had to be measured within a particular fork, the stripes were not to exceed measurements and the two points at the ends of the stripes had a maximum height difference. And in addition to all this, many other rules that must be established for the design to be within what we want to achieve.