Generative Graphics

Forest Of Cubes In Slanting Window

Installation realized in the Pantalla de Sol of Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao, within the SmartPlaces program. Loop of generative video programmed in Processing.

Reflection on the nature of pixelization and the pixelization of nature. What is the difference between passing trees and moving cubes once they are emitted in an array of LED? What is the nature of the images we consume, record, store and publish? How do we relate to what we capture?

Just as we take an image of forests and fields and transform them into discrete digital data, we apply the extreme quantification, that society undergoes, to non-human ecosystems and habitats, computing and converting them into resources. Unable not to value the immeasurable, the ineffable, we experience reality through a numerical matrix that mediates our experience and relationship with our environment.

The project Forest Of Cubes In Slanting Window is an evolution of Rayas Verticales Sobre Campo De Píxeles, a work realized and presented at Academia de Fachada Media in Etopia in March of the same year. If in the project presented at Etopia it was the screen's own pixels (low resolution and with a certain separation) that emphasized its material nature, in this case this materiality is achieved by generating a sensation of three-dimensionality within the screen itself, in harmony with its inclination and the "z" axis.

In this way, in addition, the screen becomes a window. Creating a three-dimensional space within it, and showing in its background an image of forests and skies, it becomes a window that opens to the outside, where these forests or the sun that usually inhabits the screen can be found.

Concept: Digital, reality, perception, nature, landscape, registration, data.

Technique: Programming, Processing, 3D, recording.