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Persona Data

+ Bikolabs

Interactive piece created in collaboration with BikoLabs for the 30th Anniversary Exhibition of the UPNA. This installation transforms the student data of the last 30 years into a human figure, formed by points (data) that related and joined together, create a meta-visualization of a liquid being that represents all the individualities of the student body.

The public can interact with the piece through a device (a lectern with two controls) that allows the selection of a year and a faculty. Depending on the choice, the human figure adapts to the data it receives to show in real proportion the panoramas offered by the data. This figure is installed on a triptych 3 by 2 meters high, which offers an immersive experience to the public visiting the installation.

The interactive installation is based on data visualization technology. The data is structured in JSON format and then used in integration with Unity, the software with which the visualization and interactivity is developed. All the graphics are projected by a short throw projector integrated in the lectern. The projection is mapped, adjusting the projection to the relief of the figure that emerges from the central body of the triptych.

Concept: Liquid identity, multiplurality, Big Data, interactivity, interfaces, meta-visualization.

Technique: Unity 3D, video-mapping, design, data visualization, plaster, polystyrene resin, sculpture.