Live AV

Ba Dabiltza

Audiovisual performance presented in TE017T. Center of Contemporary Art of Huarte. January 3, 2017.

"Ba-Dabiltza" is composed of four pieces that have in common the digital deconstruction of the real image, the verb "dabiltza" and the simultaneous manipulation of image and sound. "Dabiltza" (they walk, they are) speaks to us of the way and the being of "the others". The synchronous transformation of audio and video forces a performative dynamics of swing and search for balance between both media, which are continuously affected by being linked at the origin of the gesture that manipulates their properties.

"Ba-Dabiltza" analyzes the response of images and sounds of very different natures to the manipulation with effects and techniques of glitch and datamoshing. It transits, at the same time, by different ambients and atmospheres that are transformed and evolved causing to emerge infinity of digital worlds.

A version of Aztoratuta Dabiltza piece