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+ Bug273

From the roots of sound  digital landscapes are born, unfathomable and timeless spaces that are transformed to the frenetic rhythm of beats. Trajectories marked by synthesizers that are extinguished in cliffs redrawn by waves that converge to mark their vertices. On the horizon a convulsive sun marks the rhythms of a world in constant evolution.

NUKE is an audiovisual proyect formed by the musician Bug273 and the audiovisualizer Txo!?, based in Iruñea-Pamplona.

From the close collaboration between a musician and a video artist comes this audiovisual project that brings us a collection of stories interpreted in the key of contemporary sounds and suggestive images that converge in a polygonal screen, making use of the latest techniques of video-mapping and endowing of reality its dreamlike nature. The senses of the spectator will not remain indifferent.


Bug273 and Txo!? met each other as members of Teknotrakitana technological-art collective, and decide to start experimenting on audiovisual live as they were two halves of a whole and share the same desire: do an A/V set with a different concept proposition in opposition at the local music mainstream, mixing drum & bass tunes with graphically strong videos… this meeting gave birth the A/V set project called NUKE.